The information provided above is not intended as a recommendation or an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security or financial instrument.  Cargotts Consulting LLC does not provide investment advice.

Capital Markets

(Publicly Traded Companies)

Advisory Services

​ Cargotts Consulting LLC Advisory Services offers strategic insight, analysis, and guidance to support public company Investor Relations programs.  Our market intelligence reports are custom tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.  We provide insightful analysis, solid information, and unbiased recommendations that are based on facts and experience.  More specifically, we provide public companies with the following stock and market specific information:

  • ​Changes In Short Interest
  • Sector Flows
  • Large Block Trades
  • Explanations For Large Or Unusual Moves In Stock Prices
  • Holdings Information
  • Impactful News 
  • Open Interest On Puts & Calls
  • Market/Dealer Hedging Requirements Based On Option Open Interest
  • End Of The Month/Quarter "Activity"
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Earnings "Whispers"
  • Rumors
  • Technical Analysis
  • Volume
  • Wall Street "Perceptions"

Proprietary Technical Analysis Data

Since 2010, over 60 percent of the 3,297 publicly traded non-financial U.S. companies have participated in share repurchase programs.  In the first quarter of 2016 alone, companies spent $165 billion on their share repurchase programs.  Unfortunately, not all companies engaged in share repurchase programs achieve their goals (which generally center around increasing stock prices).  The reasons for this underachievement vary, but according to McKinsey & Company, in many cases, transferring cash back to shareholders does not create any fundamental value, nor increase EPS the way many investors think it does.  Instead, when the market does respond favorably to share repurchases, it is most often because management is sending a positive signal (via the buyback) to investors.  Additionally, and more importantly, the share repurchase program removes available stock for purchase by investors (creating a liquidity effect), and simultaneously creates demand for the company's shares.  It is the combination of these two effects that are most responsible for lifting share prices and it is those two effects that Cargotts Consulting LLC helps public companies manage, in order to stabilize and raise their share prices.

How Does It Work?

Technical Analysis is the study and interpretation of the historic behavior of securities in order to predict future trends.  By combining a deep understanding of the current equity market microstructure along with technical analysis skills, one can reliably predict how the market should/will react at different price levels.  In the most simple sense, certain prices will act as "support levels" while others will act as "resistance levels."  Knowing which stock prices represent key support and resistance levels to the rest of the market place is the "secret" to stabilizing and increasing share prices. With that knowledge, companies can actively buyback their stock at the most opportune times-  either when market demand for their stock is high or low.

Cargotts Consulting LLC's Offering

Using proprietary technical analysis studies developed by our lead consultant over the last 8 years, Cargotts Consulting LLC offers public companies actively engaged in share repurchase programs the key support and resistance levels for their company's stock, that can be used to stabilize and increase share prices.  These key levels are sent out daily and provide support and resistance levels based on the short term (daily), medium (weekly/monthly), and long term (6 months-1 year).  In addition to our proprietary levels, we also include key moving average prices based on the previous day's close, as they too can act as support and resistance levels.  Clients can use these proprietary price levels when instructing their affiliated purchaser/broker on how they want their Rule 10b5-1 Plan executed or when giving daily/weekly instructions to their brokers for discretionary stock repurchase programs.  Clients using these proprietary price levels will remain in 100% full compliance with Rule 10b-18.


Cargotts Consulting LLC is not a broker dealer or an investment adviser. The stock price levels presented to clients do not represent recommendations to buy or sell securities.  They are for informational purposes only.  In addition, Cargotts Consulting LLC does not engage in the buying or selling of its clients' securities for its own account.  Nor will Cargotts Consulting LLC share or sell the proprietary data being produced for their clients with anyone else.  The data produced for a client remains exclusive to them.  At no time will Cargotts Consulting LLC know whether clients are actively using the data provided to them, and therefore, there is zero risk of impropriety or leakage of information to the market.  

Free Trial!

As they say, "seeing is believing!"  That is why Cargotts Consulting LLC is happy to offer a free, two week trial to any public company actively engaged in a company repurchase program.  Trial clients can compare their company's intra-day, and weekly stock movements, against our proprietary levels and see how the data can work for them going forward.

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